Hero Cults

The King’s Cup is the most fertile creator of legends owing to its reach across Magna Grah, and the time the Cup has existed. Those who win in their own right become legendary, but so too do those whose reputation precedes the glory of the victor. Both these kinds of warriors foster follow that elevate their legends to new heights, forming rituals, sites of worship and manufactured tales to exalt the heroes from lowly mortals to eternal figures of worship.

Martin Moonkid – The White Light

Martin Moonkid is among the youngest figures to be deified, having won the 9th King’s Cup with grandeur. Martin is said to be the son of an ancient and secretive fae species that can create structures out of a substance that appears to be solid white light. Martin inherited a portion of this ability, allowing him to create a set of extra limbs from out of his back, formed of the very same white light. His exaltation came after his death, 3 years beyond his victory, and his cult is a contentious group.

The core forms of worship come in the form of creating limestone figures of Martin, dousing them in a clear syrup and drinking the anointed liquid. The belief is that Martin’s father, the white-lighter fae, bled clear blood, though the stand-in is simply a sugary syrup.

The contention is rooted in Martin Moonkid’s only living relative, his daughter Irina, denouncing the practice entirely, even as the followers beckon her to claim a role in the cult as a prophetess or priestess to which they may act through. The cult has since branded her the ‘Black Light Daughter’ in order to preserve the sanctity of Martin Moonkid, but this label may be rooted in a strange truth that even Irina does not fully understand.

Mighty Man – The Man of Men

Few men can compare to the raw strength of Greswin Roach, also known as Mighty Man. Mighty Man was a competitor in the 6th King’s Cup, and placed 5th, ultimately losing to his rival and friend, the Kelpie Knight Damellion. What came from Mighty Man outlived his rival, and outlived the winner of the 6th King’s Cup; a devotion to his indisputable strength by men who saw no greater purpose than to become strong. Much of the practice from the Man of Men rituals are feats of strength. The purpose is far removed from the act of bodybuilding, body image is second to the actions performed, resulting in a diverse group of practitioners. In the later years, the cult opened its doors to women owing to the event known as “The fall of Uther Brink”

Uther Brink was a leader among the Man of Men but allowed hubris to occlude his journey. In a callous act, he challenged all who thought themselves worthy to a grappling match, a common ritual in the cult. A woman stepped forward, named only Frieda, who had dedicated her life to the practices in secret. She made a fool of Uther, who quickly fled the cult, never to return, and Frieda was made a member and opened the doors for women whose pursuit of strength had to be done in secret.

The Man of Men is a centre for those who wish to honour and pursue the peerless strength of Greswin Roach, with rituals functioning only to embolden power in all.

Sadie Midaamora – BloodRoon Witches

Sadie Midaamora was one of many Roon Witches of Ororoon, at least as many had first thought. Talent in her own way, and in old age when she entered the 7th King’s Cup, Sadie released her secret upon the spectators that exalted her to this very day.

She is the Grandmother of modern BloodRoon rituals. Sadie unfortunately did not live to the end of the 7th Cup, and left behind a wealth of knowledge about her unique brand of Roon magic. In later years, her skull was dug up and placed in the first BloodRoon temple in the city of Woloomora. As expected, many rituals involved the use of blood, particularly the pricking of a finger, and rubbing the blood with another finger on the top of Sadie’s skull, a practice that was in fact lifted straight from her own manuscripts. Honoured BloodRoon witches will often donate their own skulls for this ritual, seeing it as a returning of the blessing once given to them.