The People of Magna Grah

For every nation named, there are millions within with stories of their own. Heroes, soldiers, shop owners and simple folk, the people of Magna Grah are wealthy with stories

C.O.N.R.A.D – The Wandering Coliseum

Brenley – The Kelpie Rider

Cupid and Curio – The Inhabitors

Howard Hope – Master Umbrellian

Wendy O’hallah – Inked Warrior

Irina “Midnight” Moonkid – Inheritor of the Moonkid Legacy

Sir Samuel of the Serpent Court – The Wayward Son

Luma Monecia Perceptus – Confidante of Kings

Brioche, Challah, Rye, Pita and Turk – Fledgeling Breadwinners

Cadmus Bahir and Dionysus – The Strongman and best friend

Lordmaker – She Who Makes Kings