Ambrosial Wilds – The Final Frontier

Beyond the Great Western Sea, travellers will find the coast of the Ambrosial Wilds, and likely as far as they will brave to go. From a distance the allure of the near-constant auroras, strange mountains and flora entice adventurous types to land on the shore and explore, but nothing could be more fatal.

The current consensus on what the Ambrosial Wilds is is a topic of great debate. Many scholars believe that Fae magic at a time was left unchecked and slowly integrated into the environment causing normal laws of nature to behave erratically. Others believe the land is a mass grave of defunct god-like beings and their decaying flesh has given rise to strange and dangerous ecosystems. Whatever the origins there is no doubt the Wilds are rife with strife and terrors that have left those few brave explorers broken in body and mind if ever they return.

Only one settlement exists there, on the shores is a small port town called Notown. Its residents have suffered greatly from their exposure to the radiation of magic, leaving them afflicted with a strangeness that is never quite the same from day to the next.


The residents of Notown are nice enough depending on the time of year they are visited. The Ambrosial Wilds is filled with magic that fluctuates with the seasons and the weather, just as any other current of magic does. However, the concentration is so high, that those exposed for a long time will shift with it.

Notowners experience this in full effect, one day being normal human men and women, and the next, a collection of raving mad dog things that seem to hate the colour orange.

What remains is the harmlessness of the Notowners, despite horrendous and unpredictable changes, they remain as welcoming and try their best to be as courteous as possible, even when the wild magic seizes their minds and bodies.

Beyond the coast

The unkempt magic of the Ambrosial Wilds has its source deep into the heart of the landmass, but venturing in is a difficult task.

Temporal shifts, impossible geometry, hallucinations and much more plague the inland leaving only the coast properly “habitable”

Those who have gone deep within do not return, yet if they do, they are irrevocably changed. Many great seers were former explorers who bore witness the inland of the Ambrosial Wilds, forever spilling sentences too strange even for the Poets.

What thread throughout all affected remains is that deep in the wilds there is a corpse, the dead body of a most horrific thing that if ever brought back to life, would surely end all life on Magna Grah.

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