Princess Land – The Land of One

Princess Land is the only Fae-dominant nation with regular connection with human nations and to this end, its relations with countries like Ororoon and Zagavor are well maintained. The nation is nestled in a glade that is surrounded by Princess Forest, a harsh woodland with temporal anomalies. The forest is all that protects Princess Land, as the nation has no standing army, instead, the forest leads trespassers and even whole military campaigns in circles that lead to the war effort being in vain. Within the country, however, the land is bountiful with greenery and the mountain range, which strangely is only visible from within the glade, houses the grand mountaintop castle Dùnnagen.

Princess Land is often called the living paradise, as there has never been a recorded war, conflict or political upset. Typically in human societies, such circumstances would bring about conspiracy, but with so little of the true culture of Princess Land understood, it may be a true paradise. A better description for Princess Land would be the nation under One, with One being the human approximation for a collective thought that persists across the Fae of Princess Land, uniting them in thought as much as nationality.

The 45 Princesses

When people hear the 45 Princesses of Princess Land they wouldn’t be remiss that this is a lineage of 45 individuals across time. But in fact, Princess Land for all its time has had 45 simultaneous rulers, all offspring of the great Soporific King Dùnna.

The Princesses are born asexually every 800-1000 years by the King. They are each a fragment of his mind, which is so overbearing for the king to comprehend, that he willingly splits it among 45 avatar daughters. These daughters are the bedrock for the One, sharing partial cognition with each, able to share simple thoughts and communicate over vast distances. When the time has come for the new 45 princesses to be born, a 46th known as the nurse is responsible for becoming the new 1st princess and imparting the knowledge to rule to her sisters.

Though they share a mind, each daughter possesses a modicum of individuality. it is seen as the manifestation of King Dùnna’s ever change wisdom and ceaseless fathoming of the universe itself.

Castle Dùnnagen

Castle Dùnnagen is the beacon of Princess Land; built into the side of the mountain, as being nearly as large as a mountain itself. The castle is in fact a portion of King Dùnna’s body, presumed to be the head poking out from the earth, with each princess occupying a chamber much like a brain with all its thoughts, memories and regions.

Unlike what most people are to believe of Fae, the castle is not euclidean, or physically impossible, while many kinds of Fae do manipulate space and time the castle is very much as it appears. In the only recorded break-in to the castle, a thief had studied deeply the impossible geometry of a similar castle of Fae origin, only to be met with a typical castle, and caught trying to escape through a closet door.

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