The Saccharine Commonwealth – An ocean of sweet treachery

Far in the east is an archipelago within the Caramel Ocean. Long ago each island held their own laws and governments, but through years of diplomatic cultivating these small island nations came together to form The Saccharine Commonwealth, the single largest conglomerate of sea faring peoples. The Commonwealth’s primary country is Malt, the biggest island in the collection but by no means does Malt hold exclusive sway over the governance.

A great deal of independence remains on each island, owing to tradition and long standing autonomy. The existence of the Commonwealth provides military protection, trade opportunities and greater citizenship within the Caramel Ocean’s island nations. The Saccharine Commonwealth also serves to unite the nations under the banner of the sugar trade, the Commonwealth’s claim to global fame.

There are no monarchs in the Saccharine Commonwealth, only delegates, ambassadors, senators and ministers, of which all are carefully elected. Those who do not hold government positions often become sailors or traders, but the personal freedom within the Commonwealth permits all within to pursue whatever their hearts are set on.

The Sugar Trade

The region of Magna Grah known as the Caramel Ocean is rich with sugar. The honey trees that sprout near thermal vents often have their sap boiled and changed to resemble the caramelised sweets the Commonwealth is known for exporting.

All the nations within the Saccharine Commonwealth have their own traditions surrounding the collection and creation of various sugary foods that carry withy them to unique properties that are exclusive to many of the plants. These traits allow the Commonwealth to not only sell a variety of sweets, but sweets that are capable of providing temporary boons to those that partake.

Given the power rested in the sugar, pirates skulk the Caramel Ocean waiting for unsuspecting cargo ships to drop their guard. As the Commonwealth’s power grew so too did their ability to fend off these attacks. While pirates still roam, their success has taken a sharp dive.

Cloying wildlife

While the glucose and sucrose of plants are harvested by the Commonwealth regularly, the many beasts of the lands and seas in the archipelago are rich with sugary blood. Known as the cloying wildlife, they are endemic only to the Caramel ocean and surrounding islands, thus often hunted in the sugar trade.

The hunters of these beasts are known as breadwinners, employing various methods and tactics to take down a wide variety of animals. They are often compared to monster hunters, derided for the perceived triviality with hunting a sugar-laden beast.

Those quick to judge Cloying Wildlife are made fools even quicker, whether it be an encounter with a giant pastel tortoise or a gummy sea worm, never underestimate the destructive potential of the sickly sweet beasts.

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