Zagavor – The nation of progress

When it comes to scientific prowess, military power and conspiratorial practices, none can rival Zagavor. Born out of a need to out-arm its neighbours, Zagavor prides itself on the strength of its military and the science that backs it.

Zagavor is an authoritarian nation, ruled by the president couple Polybia and Markus Ultra. The Ultras have been in rule for the past 50 years, partaking in the life-prolonging medicines as made by Zagavorian scientists. They brought Zagavor into a new age of progress, largely by disregarding ethical boundaries that would have kept other nations from achieving the same in such a short time.

Zagavor is one the highest exporters of arms as well as medical products, their unique blend of fae magic and human science has given birth to a grade of products others struggle to match. But for every weapon sold, and every drug developed, there is a secret agenda that few truly understand.

Zagavorian Science

Science is the building block of the Zagavorian life. All citizens, in some form, work towards the betterment of the scientific arms race that the nation has with itself.

Augmentations and cybernetic enhancements rank among the most prolific across Zagavor. It is not uncommon to find vendors selling useful enhancements that assist with everyday living, or more drastic changes that can significantly alter a person.

The quality of health in Zagavor is high, disease is seldom seen. Physical injuries are treated with high grade equipment, with lost limbs entirely replaced with even better mechanical ones. Often is the case that those struck with the incurable flock to Zagavor.

Clandestine Behaviours

Not everything in Zagavor is as clear as it seems. The nuclear plants that spew pillars of smoke, clouding the sky, are an apt metaphor for the secret dealings within Zagavor.

The Ultras agenda has always been a topic of debate, and though Zagavor boasts democracy, never has another leader been elected. Those who run against the Ultras often meet strange fates, they may turn tail if not outright disappear.

People tell legends of Night Snactchers; mysterious individuals who take people from their homes to use in the furtherance of the impressive weaponry of Zagavor. Sometimes they take children, sometimes they take interlopers, but one thing remains true; nobody has ever proven their existence.

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