Ororoon – A nation built by billions

Some may find it an understatement to say that Ororoon is an old country. Ororoon in so many ways defines the very concept of an old country, with its genesis being so far in the deep time of humanity that it brushes up against the proto legends at the very conception of Magna Grah. As it stands today, Ororoon is an enormous nation with cultures of all kinds.

Ororoon is believed to be founded by two tribal leaders; Oron the king and Rooni the shamanic queen. After eons of wandering these leaders brought their people to the resting spot that would become the foundation for Yoomar, the capital. The name Yoomar likely comes from Oron and Rooni’s firstborn daughter, though this is speculation.

From the spot that would become the Yoomar palace did the nation expand, through a mixture of strategic conquests and alliances, the lands of Ororoon grew to impressive size. Eventually smaller principalities emerged, and villages of their own making were subsumed into the mighty Ororoonan beast. Before long the once small tribes that founded the capital had become a recognised monarchy that persists to this day.

Oron – The first King

Oron is the first half of the amalgamate name that is Ororoon. Described as a tall and muscular man with a long beard done in braids, Oron was the fierce leader of the ancient Ororoonans.

His status in the modern era comes more as a folk hero than as a monarch, for he was never crowned a king. Despite this, Oron fulfilled many roles that a ruler would, including connections to higher powers, carrying out the fundamental laws and being a present force in battles between other tribes. What remains unclear about Oron, however, is whether he was indeed a single person, and not a succession of rulers that bear his name.

As is custom in Ororoon for rulers to pass down names through centuries, it is likely the name Oron was seen more as a title, and that the very man who may have been named Oron at the conception of Ororoon may not have been the same throughout all accounts.

Nonetheless, Oron remains the first King of Ororoon and stands a symbol for its strength.

Rooni – Mother of magic

Rooni, or Roony, is the second half of the amalgamate name that is Ororoon. Significant evidence points to tribes of early man feature one or more holy women whose job was as a conduit to powerful forces. Often these forces were fae in nature, occasionally were they also godly. Rooni was one of these people, and also served as Oron’s partner. Much of the success of the tribe can be given to Rooni, who may have had a connection to a very powerful, yet still unnamed fae. She is often regarded as the mother of magic in Ororoon, and her esoteric teachings have survived in altered forms today. She was not the first nor last shaman of her kind in this early tribe, but she had the most impact, rumoured to the single-handedly fertilised the soil with a great incantation.

While Rooni is given high praise she often lives in the shadow of Oron as a founder. For this reason there is a substantial amount of clandestine worship of her in the lower class areas of Ororoon, often in the hopes of receiving boons through the same powerful force she channelled. Some believe Rooni still lives, as watches over the nation from afar, a new god for the newborn peoples.

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