WHere Heroes Are made

Every one hundred years, the grand empire of Ororoon hosts the greatest tournament in the world; the King’s Cup. Warriors of all kinds flock to participate, to prove their worth or further their legend. For Theosies, an Antiquarian and his companion, the scissor knight, Creem of Eld, the path to heroism and glory is rife with formidable fighters, budding friendships and monumental challenges.

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  • “Mistakes”

    ‘Are you sure you haven’t made some mistake?’It was not a mistake; Creem was a man, but the woman would not believe him. They had been in a back-and-forth for ten minutes, Creem answering benign questions while the woman wrote on his application aimlessly.Creem stood at the base of the enormous building, the Ozori skyscraper.…

  • “Losers”

    ‘What if we lose?’ Creem said.‘You won’t,’ replied Bree, chewing a sauce-slaked chicken wing.‘Have you ever seen a serpent courtier fight?’ said Theo.‘Can’t be that hard, they are just glorified brokers.’ Bree replied. She threw the stripped bone away, and Creem caught it before it could fall, placing it back on her plate.‘And you won’t…

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The world of King’s Cup is vast, with fighters from all over the planet, of all nations fighting for glory, read about them here.

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